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We want to make you aware of two special medical needs Pastor and Deborah Tan currently have and request that you consider providing a financial gift to help them defray the attendant costs.

As you may recall, Deborah suffered a stroke several years ago and was initially severely impacted.  Through medicine and therapy she has made a terrific comeback, for which Pastor Tan and all of us at IBL give praise to God.  The cost of her treatment totals $4,800 per year; we anticipate that 2018 will be the final year of her extra care.  Until this year we have been able to cover these costs out of a special medical fund for the Tans.  Unfortunately, the monies in that fund are now exhausted.

Additionally, Pastor Tan recently informed me that he is suffering with some physical symptoms which require medical attention and diagnosis.  He also requires cataract surgery for both eyes in the weeks to come.  As you may be aware, IBL has a practice of asking Pastor Tan to seek out private medical care to avoid Vietnam’s public health system (which is nothing short of frightening).  While the quality of the care he receives is comparable to that in the West, it does cost and there is no medical insurance available to him in Vietnam to offset these costs.

To provide for these current and near-term medical needs, we are seeking to raise $15,000.  Would you consider providing a gift to help us reach this goal?  One-hundred percent of the monies raised will go directly to meeting their healthcare needs.

Thank you for your consideration!