In the past decade God led us to establish long-term partnerships in several countries on the cutting edge of Kingdom advancement. These partnerships enable us to provide IBL’s unique side-by-side training, consulting, and coaching ministries to national pastors and other church leaders. God is greatly blessing our labors, as reflected in the lives and ministries of those we are serving.

In Kenya, we are in our final year of a five-year partnership with Wilfred & Rahab Githongo, training a group of key, next-generation leaders among the Maasi and three other people groups in Kenya.

Even as we anticipate the celebration of this initial effort, Derick Jarvis is leading the exploration of a second phase of ministry with Wilfred and an expanded national leadership team. We are hoping to assist this team as they establish a self-sustaining (Kenyans training Kenyans) program for pastors, evangelists, and church leaders. The costs for this second-phase effort are substantial. IBL will be sending four or five people to Kenya in the next six months. Can you help us cover these costs so that we can continue to invest in these energetic, godly men and women? Click on the DONATE TO KENYA button if you can help.

Progress Towards Our Goal

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