"I am Holy Spirit-led in a process of life & ministry."

key leadership practices

The foliage, the limbs and the roots of our tree correspond to our purpose, our character, and what we are to accomplish. There is one final, critical component necessary to make our tree healthy. Without it, we would utterly fail. It comes out of the question, “How am I to lead?” “What does the practice of leadership, day-in and day-out in the trenches of life and ministry, look like?”

In our tree metaphor, we are referring to the sap in our tree. It continually flows through our roots, limbs and foliage, providing nutrients and keeping us alive and vibrant. The Holy Spirit lives within us and should enable all that we think, say, and do. Without the Spirit, we are not capable of learning the Word, let alone being obedient to it. Without the Spirit we have no hope for understanding God’s goals for us. We must, on a daily basis, draw upon a process of leadership that is dependent on the Holy Spirit.

I did not come proclaiming to you the testimony of God with lofty speech or wisdom… but in demonstration of the Spirit and of power, that your faith might not rest in the wisdom of men but in the power of God.
— 1 Corinthians 2:1,4b-5

Godly leaders practice leadership. They incorporate key leadership practices into their lives and ministries. These practices must be exercised through the leading of the Holy Spirit, allowing the man or woman of God to develop into an “All That Leader,” a leader who is all that God desires. These practices focus the leader on God, His glory, and the leader’s heart. They drive the leader to self-reflection and improvement. They help the leader to understand life and ministry as God sees it and to develop godly steps forward. We describe twenty-eight such practices in EML that successful leaders regularly utilize in their leadership processes.

Leadership is not an event… it is a process, a life-long journey under the leadership of the Holy Spirit. As a leader, I am to be Holy Spirit-led in a process of life and ministry.

practices to build into my life and ministry

developing insight into God & His glory

  • KLP1 Develop a concise description of the character of God and why He deserves to be glorified in my life and ministry.
  • KLP2 Take quarterly (or at least semi-annual) personal retreats for prayer, reflection and refreshment.
  • KLP3 Describe in writing my standing before God & my purpose in life and ministry.
  • KLP4 Regularly review how God is being glorified through my life and ministry.

renewing my heart’s motivations

  • KLP5 Regularly review my thought life to identify self-focused patterns of thinking.
  • KLP6 Engage in good works explicitly motivated by self-less love for others and where there is no public notice.
  • KLP7 Identify relational “logs” in my life that need to be removed and take appropriate steps to do so.
  • KLP8 When making major decisions, critically review my motives to identify any ambition, greed, fear, or idols.
  • KLP9 Be watchful for any ministry activities that have been compromised by weariness and take appropriate steps to refresh my spirit.

gaining insight from God & others

  • KLP10 Utilize a personal daily devotion tool for growing in God’s wisdom and Christ’s character.
  • KLP11 Utilize a journaling tool to record God’s providential work in my life.
  • KLP12 Participate in a one-on-one accountability relationship.
  • KLP13 Annually collect feedback from key relationships regarding areas in my life and ministry needing attention/improvement.

developing in my unique call

  • KLP14 Understand my current personal values and Divine Design with respect to my life and ministry.
  • KLP15 Designate memorials for the significant acts of God in my life and ministry.
  • KLP16 Regular acts of humble service where there is no public notice and no likelihood of reciprocation.
  • KLP17 Annually develop two leadership skills that God would have me acquire.
  • KLP18 Annually assess my stewardship of the gifts, talents, and experiences God has given me for His glory.
  • KLP19 Maintain a weekly program of physical wellness.

understanding the realities before me

  • KLP20 Maintain an ongoing understanding of God’s desire for my ministry.
  • KLP21 Maintain an ongoing understanding of the pressing matters requiring my attention.
  • KLP22 Maintain an ongoing understanding of the people on my team.
  • KLP23 Maintain an ongoing understanding of the needs of my spouse and family.
  • KLP24 Utilize a time management system for prioritizing your four roles.

moving forward with godly impact

  • KLP25 Enlist an Extended Leadership Team in identifying and pursuing God’s call for my people.
  • KLP26 Develop an engaged leadership team; redouble efforts to maintain an engaged team during times of struggle.
  • KLP27 Celebrate the milestones that God accomplishes through my team.
  • KLP28 Define and maintain God-honoring boundaries for my marriage and family.

Why do I serve?

Who am I?

What effect do I have?


How do I lead?