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"I influence others to embrace God’s objectives."

issues of role and relationship

This area of my tree, my foliage, corresponds to the things a leader seeks to accomplish, what we seek to do as leaders. This component of leadership might seem straightforward. After all, leadership is all about accomplishing things, about getting the task done. Paul tells us in 1 Corinthians 15:58 to be “steadfast, immovable, always abounding in the work of the Lord.”   These motivational words cause us to put our shoulders to the spiritual grindstone and accomplish great things for Christ. Yet, all of our labors, the good tasks we pursue with great energy, are only a means to a more important end. We will struggle if we overly focus on the task at hand and lose sight of that which God desires us to accomplish through those tasks.

In Colossians 1:28, Paul declares, “Christ we proclaim, warning everyone and teaching everyone with all wisdom, that we may present everyone mature in Christ.” The work, the tasks, we are to be accomplishing as leaders all involve influencing others towards God’s objectives. Many leaders focus on tasks at the expense of the people they are seeking to influence, and thereby miss their ultimate objective even as they check off the items on their task list.

Christ we proclaim, warning everyone
and teaching everyone with all wisdom,
that we may present everyone mature in Christ
— Colossians 1:28

How are you doing with regard to influencing others? Are you building the people on your team (2 Tim 2:2)? Are they better off in God’s eyes for having been under your influence and ministry? Are you moving people towards God’s vision for them (Prov 29:18)?  Are you addressing the pressing needs of your people (1 Thes 5:14)? Lastly, and most importantly, are you investing in your own spouse and family (1 Tim 3:2,4-5)? How many leaders do you know personally who have missed God’s desire for them because they short-changed their families? If you are married, your marriage is your most important earthly relationship… God forbid that we sacrifice it on the altar of ministry.

learning & assessment resources to increase impact


  • I1  the roles entrusted to me

I pursue God’s call for my people

  • I10  the biblical basis for planning
  • I11  the value of ministry values
  • I12  developing a Holy-Spirit-led vision
  • I13  establishing long-range ministry plans
  • I14  succession planning

I address the pressing needs of my people

  • I20  the marks of engaged leadership
  • I21  relational sin
  • I22  dissension
  • I23  tale-bearing and related sinful behavior
  • I24  keeping the church pure
  • I25  responding biblically to a leader’s fall
  • I26  seeking and granting forgiveness
  • I31  decision-making
  • I32  managing conflict
  • I33  fact versus inference
  • I34  problem solving
  • I35  essentials versus convictions versus preferences
  • I36  generational distinctives
  • I37  the silent force –listening skills
  • I38  managing differences of opinion biblically
  • I39  dealing with difficult and disruptive people

I build the people on my team

  • I50  biblical basis for co-laboring team ministry
  • I51  team development
  • I52  mentoring the people on your team
  • I53  laboring in harmony–the use of norms in team settings
  • I54  biblical principle of consensus
  • I55  styles of leadership
  • I56  a leader’s bent in a team
  • I57  a leader’s example in the team
  • I58  giving and receiving feedback
  • I59  conducting effective meetings
  • I60  the roles of bishop, elder, overseer, and deacon

I invest in my spouse and family

  • I80  biblical masculinity–the roles of a husband
  • I81  biblical femininity–the roles of a wife
  • I82  boundaries & balance between home and ministry
  • I83  divorce and remarriage
  • I84  biblical communications
  • I85  strengthening my communication
  • I86  sexual purity
  • I87  parental goals

Why do I serve?

Who am I?

What effect do I have?


How do I lead?