Leadership Challenges

Ministry Leadership Struggles and Challenges

Ministry leaders regularly encounter daunting challenges that ensnare and hinder their efforts.


...we experience stagnation and decline
...our people have lost their passion and commitment
...our relationships are characterized by strife and factions
...our leadership team struggles to advance kingdom work
...our impact in the community with the gospel is almost non-existent


...we labor under false motivations
...we experience confusing distractions and setbacks
...we become overworked and heavily burdened
...we stumble in our personal walk with God
...we journey toward hopelessness and burnout

In all this the cause of Christ is hindered and God is not glorified. 

This is not leadership as God intended.

Becoming a Leader Who Honors God

Being an effective, God-honoring leader—the kind of leader that God desires us to be—doesn’t occur through birth, formal education, or networking. It’s not a result of serendipity, circumstances, or who you know. Neither a sheet of paper on the wall nor a stack of books on the shelf is determinative, nor is natural ability or personal accomplishment.

God-honoring leaders and effective kingdom-focused leadership teams don’t just come out of nowhere.

They are formed through a deliberate, life-long process: giving concerted attention to motivations, character, call, roles, and relationships. It requires faithfulness to spiritual disciplines that reinforce biblical patterns in these essential areas of life and ministry. Such enduring Spirit-led transformation is best accomplished with the help of others: people able to provide practical side-by-side training, encouragement, mentoring, and exhortation.

Institute of Biblical Leadership EML

Essentials of Ministry Leadership

“...they will be called trees of righteousness, the planting of the Lord, that He may be glorified.” - Isaiah 61:3b

At IBL, we are burdened to serve side-by-side with God’s leaders, to have enduring, Christ-honoring impact in their lives and ministries.

Biblical Leadership Training


Practical, discussion-focused seminars on the real-world issues faced by leaders in their lives and ministries.

Biblical Leadership Coaching


One-on-one coaching to pastors and ministry leaders seeking to advance in their practice of biblical leadership.

Biblical Leadership Consulting


Side-by-side consulting with leadership teams to restore vitality, strengthen unity and develop missional focus.

Biblical Leadership Counseling


Confidential, biblical counsel for individual men, women & couples facing a period of significant personal struggle.

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