Institute of Biblical Leadership International

IBL partners with North American churches to have Great Commission impact among national church leaders in the majority (developing) world. We train and prepare national pastors and church leaders so that they “can teach others also,” thereby creating sustainable growth and enduring impact for Christ.

Church leaders in the majority world have shared with us that they face a set of debilitating challenges not typically experienced in the developed world.

Theological Essentials

First, with little access to formal Bible training, most leaders in the majority world rely on “catch-as-catch-can” learning from whatever sources are available, resulting in a confused collection of opposing concepts and doctrines.

Our focus: Clarify the practical, essential doctrines of the Christian faith, presented with an emphasis on local contextualization.

Biblical Leadership

Second, in the majority world there is minimal understanding of the leadership principles found in God’s Word. Instead, leaders rely on common cultural norms which equate leadership with position, power, title and money, resulting in a flesh-driven form of leadership.

Our focus: Instill God-honoring leadership practices and personal spiritual disciplines, as distilled from our EML leadership development curriculum, and specialized to the local context.

Pastoral Skills

Last, cultural norms, not biblical principles and precepts, too often drive personal morality and relationships within the Body of Christ. This tendency is reinforced by culturally-driven practices in which leaders mandate behavioral conformance by fiat, resulting in a system of legalistic behavior among Christians rather than Spirit-led growth.

Our focus:  Encourage effective, Spirit-led pastoral ministry in majority world settings.

Current Fields of Ministry

Vietnam | Kenya | South-Central Asia

Effective, accurate contextualization in each region we serve is critically important.  We address this challenge by partnering with established national leaders of proven integrity, unblemished reputation, and demonstrated faithfulness.  These leaders-of-leaders know their own cultures well and assist us in contextualizing the eternal truths of scripture to their particular regions and situations.  We’re grateful for these Brothers in Christ who enable our international reach, effectiveness and impact.

Interested in partnering with majority-world Christian leaders to further Kingdom growth?

Institute of Biblical Leadership International