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"I endeavor to be a Christ-like individual."

issues of character and call

The limbs of my tree represent my personal character qualities and my unique, God-ordained preparation for leadership.

Leaders seek to influence others. Yet, my ability to influence others is strongly dependent on my own character. First Timothy 4:7b-8 says, “train yourselves for godliness; for while bodily training is of some value, godliness is of value in every way.” By God’s grace, I must endeavor to be a Christ-like individual.

Before I can impact others, I must demonstrate that I am worthy of their trust. This is expressed in my personal obedience to the Word— that I am a doer of the Word as well as a speaker of the Word (James 1:22). It is also seen in my humble service—that I authentically seek what is best for others, not myself (Phil 2:3). Last, it is exhibited in my strength of character—that I have a godly boldness derived from a demonstrated integrity (Prov 10:9).

In addition to possessing godly character, I am to be the leader God uniquely designed me to be (Psalm 139:15-16). God has made me precisely for the specific leadership role He desires me to fulfill. This might be serving as a senior pastor; an administrative pastor; a missionary to a far-flung locale; or a lay leader within a local Bride of Christ. He has given me just the right talents, giftedness, skills, and passions for the good work He has marked out for me (Eph 2:10). And He makes no mistakes! Every experience I have had to this point in my service for Him has unfolded according to His sovereign design, for my benefit and His glory.

train yourselves for godliness;
for while bodily training is of some value,
godliness is of value in every way.
— 1 Timothy 4:7b-8

learning & assessment resources to develop in Christ-likeness


  • B1  key character qualities of a godly leader

I acquire wisdom from the Word

  • B10  prerequisites to godliness

I possess the humility of a servant

  • B20  humility in a leader
  • B21  pride in a leader
  • B22  gentleness

I exhibit strength of character

  • B30  integrity in every circumstance
  • B31  establishing and maintaining trust
  • B32  hope
  • B33  leading without fear
  • B34  forms of deception
  • B41  anger and bitterness
  • B42  worry
  • B43  guilt
  • B44  driven by feelings
  • B51  trials, testing, and temptation
  • B52  adversity
  • B53  discouragement
  • B54  grief
  • B55  loneliness
  • B56  contentment
  • B61  accountability
  • B62  confession and repentance

I lead within my divine design

  • B70  leading within my divine design
  • B71  the will of God
  • B72  spiritual giftedness
  • B73  molding of a leader
  • B74  gaining victory over sinful habits
  • B75  spiritual renewal
  • B76  physical renewal

Why do I serve?

Who am I?

What effect do I have?


How do I lead?