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The Practice of Biblical Leadership in South-Central Asia

IBL has recently begun working with specific people groups in south-central Asia (unidentified for security reasons).

As with our other international work, we are partnering with an American church which is burdened to make a Great Commission investment among another people, in this case, some of the peoples of South-Central Asia. We are coordinating our efforts in-country with a senior national Christian leader, a committed servant leader of demonstrated integrity who is a passionate evangelist, church planter, and mentor. He has a powerful personal testimony and has directly and indirectly brought thousands into the Kingdom.

We are also working in coordination with other Commission-focused Brothers serving in the region. These folks are providing the students with a sound foundation in the areas of church planting, evangelism, discipleship and pastoral ministry. They use a highly structured pedagogy for teaching and mentoring. IBL’s contribution to the training effort is in the specific area of biblical leadership. We leverage our EML leadership development material, but contextualized to the culture and restructured to follow the pedagogy of the other training the students are receiving. This provides them with consistent learning structures and reinforcement of all their training.

We train approximately seventy students twice per year over the three-year curriculum. Sessions include: God Honoring Relationships, Biblical Roles for Leaders, Forgiveness, Biblical Communications, Biblical Marriage, Becoming Like Christ, Gaining Wisdom from God’s Word, Integrity, Humility in Service, Idols of the Heart, and other foundational topics in Biblical Leadership.