And this gospel of the kingdom will be proclaimed
throughout the whole world as a testimony to all nations…
— Matthew 24:14

Preparing Church Leaders in Vietnam

Institute of Biblical Leadership Vietnam

God’s Word is having a powerful impact throughout Asia in general and in Southeast Asia in particular. Churches are vibrant, dynamic and growing by leaps and bounds.  So there is a great need for shepherds to preach the Gospel, instruct in sound doctrine, and oversee the flocks with wisdom, grace and love.  To meet this need God is faithfully raising up men to pastoral ministry; and men and women to other positions of service in His churches.

IBL comes alongside these national leaders to prepare them to fulfill their callings. In the country of Vietnam we provide a three-fold training program focused on systematic theology, pastoral ministry and biblical leadership for pastors and other ministry leaders in the underground church. Our three-year program of ministry involves five hundred classroom hours of study, including:

  • bibliology (the doctrine of the bible)
  • methods of bible study and interpretation
  • hamartiology (the doctrine of sin)
  • teaching principles and methods
  • soteriology (the doctrine of salvation)
  • preaching and pastoral ministry
  • christology (the doctrine of Jesus Christ)
  • church ministry and administration
  • pneumatology (the doctrine of the Holy Spirit)
  • personal spiritual life
  • essentials of ministry leadership

Our labors in Vietnam are overseen by Doan Nhat Tan, a pastor of an underground church in Ho Chi Minh City. In addition to overseeing the training ministry, Solomon labors alongside pastors in a manner similar to our labors here in the States, providing coaching and consulting services to individual leaders and leadership teams.