A Word from Russ

Russ Loyd IBL Ministry

Twenty-five years...  WOW!  It doesn’t seem possible.  During this first quarter century the Lord has taken us through a whirlwind of blessed opportunities to build in the lives of ministry leaders all around the world.  It is fitting at this juncture for me to consider how my remaining time in IBL can best be invested.

To that end, I am delighted to report that last week I and the Board of Directors of IBL passed the Presidency to Dr. David Phelan, who has served as the Executive Director for the past decade.  David and his wife, Dawn, joined the ministry in 2003 and have firmly established themselves as integral team members.  We began this deliberate process of leadership succession more than five years ago as a number of tasks have been incrementally transferred from me to David.

I remain fully involved in the ministry and will pursue a five-fold focus.  First, I will continue as a member of the Board of Directors to serve David as he shapes a strategy to pursue the vision of IBL.  Second, my heart remains committed to the ministry God has raised up in the persecuted nation of Vietnam.  As the Lord allows, I will continue to lead this ministry.  Third, through the years of studying biblical principles of leadership I have kept an informal file of scriptural insights that need to be fleshed out for preservation.  I am convicted to conduct further study and writing to document this legacy.  Fourth, I will continue to promote the ministry of IBL and pursue fundraising opportunities and, finally, I will remain available to assist in the delivery of the four arms of our ministry.

We are grateful to God for a smooth and transparent transition of leadership.  Your prayers for God’s continuing blessing are deeply appreciated.  And, as always, I want to again personally thank you for your prayer and financial support.  It is needed now as much as ever as we pursue new and exciting strategic goals for the next twenty-five years.