Help Us Continue to Train and Encourage Biblical Leaders

Greetings in the name of our Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ! We celebrate with you the advent of His coming and pray that this season will be joy-filled for you and your family! We give thanks continually for your commitment to God’s leaders, practically demonstrated through your prayer and financial support of our efforts to encourage, exhort and strengthen His servants. As you have been generous in the past, we again ask you to consider a year-end gift to support all that God is accomplishing.

We recently shared with you in our latest edition of Side by Side all that God is doing through our efforts across the U.S. and around the world.



• We are celebrating the 10th anniversary of IBL-Vietnam, providing training and encouragement to national pastors and church leaders. • We are in the midst of our fourth generation of theological, ministry, and leadership training. • We are praying and planning for IBL-Vietnam’s second decade, including additional staff and a new facility.



• We are in the third year of our five-year training progr am for 33+ pastors and church leaders. • Next month we are holding a special women leaders forum for pastor’s wives and other women leaders. • We are praying about possible ways for God to extend our efforts among these dear folks.



• In February we begin a three-year partnership to provide national evangelists and church planters with intensive training in biblical leadership. • We are refining our biblical leadership curriculum to complement the discipleship training these students are already receiving. • We are praying about many other potential doors of ministry in India.

In the USA

• We are experiencing the busiest season of ministry in our history. • Our new regional office, IBL-West, has allowed us to increase our reach, effectiveness and impact. • We are praying that God will identify for us a man to serve as our Regional Coordinator in the Midwest, allowing us to establish a regional office in that part of the country.

The challenges being faced by our clients are varied, but God’s Word provides the wisdom and insight needed to grow these leaders into the men and women He desires them to be.

Will you help us continue this vital ministry? Due to the abundance of ministry we conducted in 2015, we anticipate a year-end financial deficit of almost $20,000. Will you help us erase this loss so we can begin next year, which we anticipate will be even busier than 2015, with a solid financial foundation?

We thank God for each of you, for the vital role you have in this ministry. You are a great blessing to us. May God bless you and your family this coming Christmas season and in the new year to come.

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