Updating Our “Look”

Left: new logo. Right: old logo.

After more than twenty-five years of using essentially the same logo—a globe and cross resting on an open Bible—this year we have made a major revision which better communicates the purpose of our ministry.

The new logo is a representation of a compass resting on the Bible. Like our old logo, this image reinforces the fact that God’s Word forms the basis of our ministry to God’s leaders. Additionally, the compass indicates the guiding nature of our work: through our ministries of training, coaching, consulting and counseling, we guide leaders to embrace biblical patterns of leadership, so that they can better fulfill their callings in Christ.

The development of God-honoring leaders is a deliberate life-long process. It involves a multi-dimensional focus on motivations, character, call, roles, responsibilities, and relationships; and Spirit-led disciplines that reinforce biblical patterns in these areas of life and ministry. Truly, leaders who honor God don’t just come out of nowhere; they are trained, encouraged, mentored, and exhorted through practical side-by-side investment.

It is our joy to be part of a ministry that has had this focus for the past twenty-five years and continues with this focus into the future.

- David Phelan, IBL President