A Day in the Life of a Christian Here in My Country

On August 4 I sent to the Asia Biblical Theological Seminary (ABTS) headquarters a package of my assignments for my last extension course, but after six weeks there has been no affirmation of ABTS receiving it. Moreover, on September 12 I was summoned to the Police Headquarters here in Ho Chi Minh City to "provide them more information related to that package."

The purpose of this kind of summons is to conduct a political interrogation on someone they suspect of sending documents harmful to the regime (according to their perception) and therefore it cannot be sent without being checked by the Censorship and written permission from the Culture Department of the city.  All these things are so complicated that there will be no hope for a pastor like me to accomplish the procedure.  I was questioned extensively about what I'm doing at ABTS and I had to admit that I'm a student working on a Master’s of Ministry degree at ABTS located in ChiangMai, Thailand. As usual, they said it is ok for anyone to study anywhere, but Christian documents should have official permission before sending them out of the country. I'm afraid that the package will never arrive at the Seminary Headquarters.

I also strongly believe that from now on I will not be able to send my papers to ABTS Headquarters via the Post Office here in Vietnam because of their opposition to Christianity. I will now need to work with ABTS to find an alternative method of sending them my school work.

We Christians in countries that face such harrassment depend on your prayers for us.  Thank you for your faithful prayer support for us!


Director, IBL-Vietnam