Ministry Feedback: Volunteer Leader Training

Here is some feedback we have received from a recent volunteer leader training seminar.  This particular seminar was held at a large church here in western North Carolina and was attended by deacons and small group teachers. We taught six topics from our essential ministry leadership material: Understanding the Essentials, The Prerequisites to Godliness, Right Relationships, Relational Sin, Marks of Engaged Leadership, and Generational Distinctives.  We were very encouraged by the level of participation, depth of discussion, and overall enthusiasm for the topics.

What was the best part of the training?
  • Identifying principles that are essential for leaders and teachers
  • Strengthening my communications
  • All was good, but that last session was an eye opener
  • Learning how to deal with different issues
  • Enjoyed David and Derick’s teaching style
  • Lots of information to help make me a better servant leader
  • It’s all focused on God and how He would have us be with others and ourselves
  • Small group setting & dialogue; the thought-provoking questions
  • Especially enjoyed “Marks of Engaged Leadership” & “Generational Distinctives”
  • The scriptural basis, backed up by God’s Word
Do you have any generation feedback for us?
  • We, God’s people, need to hear this and make application in our life
  • A very informed class, a lot of good material
  • Enjoyed this very much; all deacons/teachers/leaders should take this class
  • Praying you are taking care of yourselves so you can continue to be God’s ministers
  • GO!  Great content and well presented
  • Thanks & thanks again!  A fantastic and much needed ministry for churches and church leadership
  • Very good; teaching was clear and easy to follow; very helpful
  • Excellent presentations!
If you are interested in providing essential leadership training for your volunteer leaders, please contact us to discuss arrangements.